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Changelog - Mobile App

We are constantly updating and improving the app - here is the most recent changes to the MLT Industries Mobile App for all of our 12v electronics products.


  • Improved configuration wizard
    We've significantly improved nearly every aspect the setup wizards to make the process more intuitive and seamless.

  • Bluetooth device filtering
    The app will now only show SwitchMaster devices in the device selection screens.

  • Improved Dark Mode
    Improved dark mode colour scheme and interface.

  • Other minor GUI updates
    Based on your feedback we've tweaked some minor elements on the main screens to ensure that things fit nicely where they should be.


  • Fixed issue where the switch on/offs and lockouts would flicker when changed


  • Significantly improved the flow of adding new devices

  • Improved Bluetooth Tx/Rx handling

  • Fixed issues with crash logging reporting false positives

  • Fixed device name and password length validation bug

  • General code tidy up

Changelog - Firmware


Reduced standby power by 75%

  • Reworked wifi upgrade process to require >13.5v (ie battery fully charged or charging) to enable WiFi.

v1.0.0 - Initial Release

If you need help with installing your hardware, click here​ to go to our installation guide.

For instructions on upgrading the firmware on your board, click here.​​

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