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Version 2 Updates

A quick update on a cracking Sunday for everyone! We're going to be at the Darwin 4WD, Boating & Camping Expo next weekend! We hope to see you there!

Here's a bit of a progress update on the new SwitchMaster v2 boards, there is a couple of major changes here we want to introduce you to, from left to right:

1. Number of USB ports has been reduced, but power output bumped out to 2.4A each for quick charging of devices

2. The SwitchMaster can now report on temperature, there is a temp sensor on the board and provisions for you to plug in up to 2 additional sensors. Using the MLT Industries app, you're able to monitor temps, set alarms or automatically turn on outputs when a set temperature is reached.

3. By popular demand - bigger output connectors. We've increased our connector size from 5.08mm pitch to 7.62mm enabling use of much bigger cabling.

4. Increased reverse polarity protection to help keep the board safe in case of mistakes during wiring.

We've got a few more small features and improvements on the way but we'll save that for another post! Any questions or feedback - please let us know!

Cheers, Matt

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