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Get ready to revolutionize your 12V system control with the SwitchMaster MAXI - the all-in-one solution designed to simplify your life. The SwitchMaster MAXI is ideal for a larger 12V system in canopies, caravans, RVs or boats. 


Say goodbye to complicated installations! The SwitchMaster MAXI is designed for everyone, from DIY novices to professional installers, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Experience the freedom of eliminating messy wiring and complicated setups. With the SwitchMaster, installation has never been easier or more convenient.


The big brother to our revolutionary SwitchMaster box - unlock the full potential of your 12V system with the SwitchMaster MAXI's 8x 20A and 2x 50A pre-fused outputs. From lights and fridges to inverters, water pumps or air compressors, the possibilities are endless with the SwitchMaster MAXI. Take control with ease using the manual switches conveniently located on the control box itself or through the user-friendly Apple/Android apps. Imagine having complete control and monitoring of your 12V system right at your fingertips.


Whether you're using lead-acid or lithium batteries, the MAXI has you covered. Its compatibility with all battery types ensures versatility and reliability for all your 12V needs. Rest assured that the SwitchMaster will integrate seamlessly with your battery setup, providing optimal performance and peace of mind.


The SwitchMaster MAXI is the game-changer you've been searching for. With its easy installation, versatile 12V system control, and battery compatibility, it's the ultimate solution for those seeking effortless control. Discover the power of the SwitchMaster today.

SwitchMaster MAXI - Bluetooth 12V Control Box

$1,950.00 Regular Price
$1,350.00Sale Price
  • 8x20A Outputs + 2x50A
    Control all of your appliances

  • 2x QuickCharge 3.0 USB Ports
    Charge your USB devices FAST.

  • Manual override switches
    Backup switches integrated into directly on the unit. Optional breakout cables available soon so you can control the SwitchMaster from any 12v switch.

  • Compatible with all existing 12V systems and battery chemistries
    Lead acid to lithium and everything else in between.

  • Integrated Fuses
    Keep your system safe with our pre-fused outputs. Easily spot and replace blown fuses with the LED indicator.

  • Fully customisable app interface
    Set your own names and photos on your 

  • Output Timer cut-outs
    Set a timer to automatically turn an output off after a set amount of time

  • Low Voltage output cut-outs 
    Turn off your entire system or select outputs when your system reaches a set voltage.

  • High Voltage switch cut-ins
    Turn on your outputs when your system reaches a set voltage

  • Temperature Sensing 
    Onboard temp sensor + 2 optional sensors. Set alarms or automatically turn on outputs when a set temperature is reached automatically through the app. 

  • Bluetooth control via any modern smartphone (Apple, Android) or Apple smart watch

  • Access from multiple phones or devices (up to 3)

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