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Trade and Installers

Are you a 4WD outfitter or auto-electrician looking for quality products for your customers that are easy to install and provide rock-solid reliability? Are you a fleet vehicle owner looking for a solution for your vehicles that doesn't break the bank? Whether you're one or the other, or somewhere in between - let us show you why MLT Industries is the solution you are looking for.

Great Margins

We look after our installer network and trade partners with great margins all year round. We can also provided demonstration equipment for trade shows, expos and other events.

Quick Installs

No need for complex diagrams or years of experience on the tools. Our SwitchMaster products are designed from the ground up to minimise required expertise and get labour time down.  For example - we've perfected our bulletproof plug design which eliminates the need for manual crimps or connections which chew up valuable technician time. Let us handle the fiddly stuff so you can spend less time and highly-trained resources on simple installations and more time looking after your customers and driving further sales.

Easy to Setup

We've said it before but we can't say it enough - setting up the SwitchMaster app is a breeze. Simply download and install the app and you're most of the way there. Our setup wizard will guide even the most technically challenged through setting up their controller on their phone in just minutes.

Support Provided

Don't spend hours on the phone helping customers with our products. We have dedicated help resources available in app that can walk your customers through how to use their SwitchMaster's most advanced features. Plus our growing network of dealers and installers combined with our no BS warranty - you can be sure we'll be looking after everyone in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

Co-branding & Fleet options

Are you an OEM, fleet vehicle installer or a 4WD Outfitting service looking to put your own spin things or a uniform experience for your clients? MLT Industries can offer solutions from basic app-rebranding through to completely customised SwitchMaster cases with your own colour scheme and logo. For OEM's integrating the SwitchMaster into a product, or for fleet vehicle applications - give your customers or staff a streamlined, uniform experience from start to finish -with our fully-automated, in-app setup.

App Re-branding

Customise our app with your brand name, logo, slogan, contact details and colour scheme and more.

Automated Setup

Ensures a particular SwitchMaster is configured correctly in the app, every single time. Useful for SwitchMaster’s that are installed in situations with a set template (ie. a particular canopy model you may offer, fleet applications etc). We can take care of:

  • Automated output naming

  • Pre-selected output pictures

  • Prevention of user editing (Output names/pictures/automation functions)

  • Automatic switch group creation (outdoor lights, indoor lights etc)

  • Global functions lockdown (USB, overheating settings etc).

Got a few models or configurations? Not a problem. We can handle all of them.

Customised Cases

Colour your SwitchMasters to fit in with your asthetic or brand colours and extend your market penetration with co-branding opportunities.

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