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May Update

Whilst things have been ticking away nicely and board redesign and prototyping well underway for version 2 of the SwitchMaster. We've been a little off the grid the last few weeks here at MLT Industries HQ and I'd like shed some light on that.

This post is a bit of a departure from the usual technical and gear related posts for something a bit more personal.

On May 12 we welcomed a brand new team member to the crew, Dusty Thurtell, a 3.8kg healthy little fella! Everyone doing really well, we thought we'd take the opportunity to slow down, have a bit of quiet time and enjoy ourselves with family for a few weeks.

As the dust (no pun intended) settles, we'll be back on posting more regular updates on the new board designs, app feature rollouts, kickstarter deliveries and more!

Cheers all! P.S. Is the mullet Territorian enough for you?

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