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SwitchMaster MAXI

Bluetooth 12v Control Panel

The big brother to our SwitchMaster bluetooth 12v control box is the SwitchMaster MAXI. With 8x20A outputs and 2x50A outputs, the SwitchMaster MAXI is ideal for use in larger 12v systems canopies, boats, caravans and RVs.

Straight out of the box, the SwitchMaster MAXI comes pre-fused and ready for installation. Compatible with all lead-acid and lithium battery types the SwitchMaster MAXI is easy for the complete DIY novice to simply plug in and use and great for the professional installer looking to cut down on tedious installation work. Wire up lights, fridges, inverters, water pumps or any other 12v loads and control them directly from the manual switches on the box or use our Apple and Android apps for complete system control and monitoring directly from your phone. The SwitchMaster gives you all of the premium features and control of the bigger brands, at a fraction of the price.

The SwitchMaster is made by makers who got tired of being shoe-horned into the same 12v products day-in-day out with next to no support or ongoing development from the companies that make them. Our communications protocols and board specifications are published and open to the public, allowing you to customise how the board works or write your own apps from scratch. Check out our Open Platform page for more info.


Technical Specifications of the SwitchMaster are as follows.

  • Mounting Position: Multiple options for both horizontal or vertical, depending on requirements

  • Output Circuits: 8 x 20A, 2 x 50A fused

  • Additional Outputs: 4 x USB Ports (power only)

  • Blown Fuse Indicators: Yes, on all circuits

  • Maximum Current: 80A

  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C

  • Storage Temp: -20°C to 60°C

  • Compatible Batteries: All - Lead Acid, AGM, Lithium

  • Case Construction: Heavy duty ABS Plastic

  • Wireless Protocols: Bluetooth Low Energy + WiFi

  • Range: Up to 25m in ideal conditions

  • Android Compatible? Yes – All current smartphones

  • Apple iOS Compatible? Yes – All current smartphones

  • Manual overrides/switches? Yes

  • Programming Headers: Yes, Arduino-style Serial-TTL Converter, 3v3 mode

There are 2 models of SwitchMaster MAXI variants - the toggle (pictured below) and small switches. 

Click here for dimensions and more info: Toggles or Switches

If you need help with installing your hardware, click here​ to go to our installation guide.

For instructions on upgrading the firmware on your SwitchMaster, click here.​​ 

If you have a problem and are looking for some help, click here for our FAQ.

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