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Apple Watch Preview

We've had a tonne of people asking to see some more screenshots of the Apple Watch apps so here you go! The Apple Watch app is completely stand-alone and does not need your phone nearby to function. You now only need your watch to give you full control of your all of your 12v gear!

A few features of the Apple Watch app:

  • View SwitchMaster voltage, current draw and other general information

  • Rename your switches so you know exactly what you're controlling

  • View and control the lockout function on switches

  • View switch status and turn switches on and off

  • User switchable dark and light modes.

Select your switchmaster device on your apple watch
Apple Watch SwitchMaster selection

Turn your switches off and on and control their lockout status
Apple Watch General Control
General screen and informational page.
Apple Watch SwitchMaster Control

Allows a user to set a light or dark colour scheme at their own leisure
Apple Watch SwitchMaster Light/Dark mode selection

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