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January 2023 - We're Back

Welcome back 2023! We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas/New Years and hopefully even got in a bit of a break. We managed to get a bit of camping and fishing done, despite the wet season being in full swing in the north.

Whilst not out fishing, the MLT Industries computer lab has been hard at work getting some new features for the mobile apps developed and rolled into beta-testing. We've also moved the website to a new hosting service which will allow us to add more features and great content. We'll also be adding links to supplier, distributors and installers Australia wide so you know where you can get your SwitchMaster locally. If you're interested in being a supplier or installer of MLT Industries gear, we have attractive pricing available to get you started, so please get in contact with us.

Following on from the website work, we've also made a number of improvements to the SwitchMaster firmware which reduces the standby power usage by 70%, resulting in much improved battery life for your system. These features as well as a number of other small improvements are available in v1.0.6 of the firmware and can be downloaded from the 'Guides - Firmware Upgrade' page here.

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