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March 2023 - Open Development

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

A few monumental changes and a lot of behind the scenes work taking place at MLT Industries over the last 2 months with what we think is a couple of world-firsts for a product in the 12v industry. Firstly, we've decided to publish the Bluetooth communications protocols, CPU pinouts and other hardware information, opening up the SwitchMaster to user customisation and development. Using this info, enthusiasts will be able to code their own mobile apps, integrate the SwitchMaster with other devices or add support for any other hardware that is directly supported by the MLT Industries team. You can check out more in the GITHUB Repo here.

Our second bit of groundbreaking news is, we've successfully implemented info-viewing and control from Garmin smart watches, allowing the first ever 12v accessory control by a wearable device. We'll be looking to officially release this app to the Garmin app store after a significant tidy up and some more testing. We will then set our sites on an app for the Apple Watch for all the Apple wearable fans out there!

With an open-development platform, SwitchMaster functionality will be extendable to any hardware you are able program for!

Control from a Garmin 6x Pro smart watch

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