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November 2022 - SwitchMaster units have landed!

Couple of updates from MLT Industries - SwitchMaster units have now officially landed are making their way into vehicles!

The amazing guys at Elite 4x4 Darwin have gotten behind us and are helping us with an instore display. You’ll be able to go in and have play with your very own phone and check out all the great gear they have on offer.

We’ve also had a lot of interest from a number of independent auto-electricians around the Darwin area and expect to be getting devices out to these guys to put them to the test in their customers rigs!

Secondly, there’s been a lot of change happening in MLT Industries computer lab with a complete re-write of the app from the ground up which well help us be able to keep the Android and iOS apps moving along at the same pace and bring you new features even faster. We’ve made significant improvements to all areas of the app and it should be much easier and intuitive to use.

We’re actively getting some new media and setup guides onto our page and YouTube channel in the next few days. The apps are available from their respective mobile stores to download and use now!

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